It’s been well over a week since I returned from Poland, so I thought I would do a round-up of what followed the trip.

Martin Bright, Spectator blogger, former political editor of the New Statesman, and now of the Jewish Chronicle, used my photo of Auschwitz survivor Freddie Knoller on this article about British POWs and the mysteries surrounding E715 at Buna/Monowitz. A great article about a fascinating and ‘non-holocaust’ WW2 story. I am hoping to carry out some research for MOTL in the hope of uncovering and releasing more information about these ‘Men of Confidence’ and how much the British Government knew about what was happening across Poland.

Jewish Chronical

Bright’s piece about the Israeli Ambassador to the UK’s participation in the POW ceremony at Buna, and the importance of young people attending March of the Living, also features my photos.

The Jewish News (a free weekly national paper) published my photo of survivor Harry Fox speaking to participants of the March as the front cover of the PULSE supplement. My photos of the activities, visits and events from the whole week are on the double-page feature about the March of the Living.

PULSE supplement by JNG

Yaniv Shalom, a brilliant Israeli writer living in Leeds, was on the trip writing a feature for ALondon, (see page 8) a magazine for Israeli visitors to the UK. Yaniv has written top sitcoms and sell-out plays at home, and is a funny, lovely guy. We kept each other company, trying Polish beer in hotel bars as we spent our evenings writing, and his knowledge and humour made the time we had to spend traveling between sights a lot easier to deal with. It was an absolute pleasure to take some photos for him. The front cover was shot looking down the path leading in to Majdanek concentration camp as a visitor with an Israeli flag tied around their shoulders happened to stand in my way.

ALondon magazine

I’m still processing so much from my visit. Photos and thoughts. I’ve started a Flickr album of my less ‘press-friendly’ snaps, and am discussing the possibility of helping MOTLUK produce a book of images that we could give to participants and sponsors.

Having spent most of my first week back dealing with all of the things mentioned above, it was only last night that I was able to take a step back and consider the things I have learnt and seen.

I continue to feel overwhelmed and under-informed.

There is much to do.