I was completely delighted to be asked to contribute a feature for the lovely new Keepsake Magazine, on the subject of ‘First Times’.

I’ve written about the first time I swam in the ladies pond on Hampstead Heath.

Kenwood Ladies Pond (c) L Geisler

Kenwood Ladies Pond (c) L Geisler

I even sent the lovely Keepsake gals a scan of a really terrible watercolour I painted on my last visit there. I’m no painter, but that place absolutely demands sketchbook filling.

Incidentally, it is also the first time I have had a magazine feature published. So that’s nice.

Claire, one of Keepsake’s founders & editors, is who I thank most for giving me the crazy idea that I could make something out of my writing. She got me my first ever paid writing gig over a year ago and she is a constant source of confidence, inspiration and sharer of delicious treats.

You can read my article here – Keepsake: First Times