On 14th November, the photo-taking/sharing website Dailybooth will close down, and at the end of the year, be deleted forever.

Dailybooth's email - sent with 2 days' notice.

Dailybooth’s email – sent with 2 days’ notice.

For the uninitiated, the premise of Dailybooth was brilliantly simple: Take one photo of your face, each day. Those YouTube time-lapse composites showing a man ageing as the photos from each day passes?

photo comment threads

photo comment threads

It’s that, deconstructed. But with comments. Better than that – with PHOTO comments. No ‘Follow Fridays’ or retweets. Just one quick snap of your face, every day. Or whenever you remember.

I’m no tech writer. I don’t need to detail the ins and outs of Silicon Valley, or funding, or timings, or the impact of services like Twitpic or Instagram or any of the hundreds of social picture-taking apps. I don’t even really need to sulk about the scantily-clad teens and spammers that roll around with the tumbleweeds on there now. (I sort of did though, just then, didn’t I. Woops).

Just as Twitter is different for everyone, Dailybooth was too. I had my own little corner. Away from the ‘Naked Friday’-loving tweens, the YouTube ‘celebrities’, the actual celebrities and the clique of DB operational staff, was, as Mike once said, ‘Us Oldies’. The sixth form common room. Less emotional lyrics, haircuts and midriffs, more soup recipes, pets and housework.

I used it to document and share some of the biggest things that happened to me over the past 3 years. Moving house (twice), canceling my Australian visa, relationships, friendships, changes in my job and trips away. Granted, much of this was before I joined twitter. Before the deluge of dinner Twitpics or the Facebook ‘Like’ button. Before apps blew up and before everyone had an iPhone with a forward-facing camera.

My 28th birthday on Dailybooth

My 28th birthday on Dailybooth

Like most great chunks of Internet, (and most of The Big Things In My Life) I was introduced to DB by Iain Baker, as were 2 others. Once the 3 of us were hooked, we formed a tangled web of friends, most of whom I’m so glad to say I’ve met. It is woven into every part of my social life now – from forming the framework for who I initially interacted with on twitter, to temporary staff at my place of work, to people I’ve been on holiday with.

Anyway, Dailybooth – despite the fact that you ended up a shadow of your former self, abandoned, unmoderated and unloved (even the official twitter account hasn’t updated in over a year), I wanted to say thanks. I have friends for life because of the simple idea that a picture speaks a thousand words.

So thank you, Dailybooth, and well done, Jon. What you built led me to 1 boyfriend, 2 godsons, 2 trips abroad, 3 visitors from abroad, 1 work colleague, books, dinners, good, close friends, and memories. You created something that for a while was unique and special, which we all helped to contribute to. It will remain important to me, I suspect, for the rest of my life.