GUYS. Some brilliant stuff is happening. The fabulous Kilburn to Kensal initiative is running a lovely market, hosting all sorts of classes, courses and workshops, and best of all, will have a radio station from Feb 2013.

I WILL BE ON THAT RADIO STATION. With Juliet Stephens, who has been running the Good Ship Comedy Club for the past few years.

80% of success is showing up...

80% of success is showing up…

We’ll be hosting a weekly show, chatting about comedy, trying out material and showcasing new and local talent for two hours every Saturday. It will be called Showing Up, and you can listen to the pilot episode RIGHT NOW.

It’s got special guest Jay Foreman, some brilliant music, some music we broke, some music by Beirut and then quite a lot more by them because of the breaking I mentioned just then, and general chit-chat and jokes and scripts and funny things. Also, I phoned my dad for a bit. I hope you like it. If you don’t, we’re going to carry on anyway so it doesn’t matter that much.