perfect scrambled eggs weekend brunch lauren geisler

I’m not exaggerating one bit when I say planning weekend breakfasts gets me through the week. I genuinely spend a significant part of my Friday deciding how to brunch my brains out after a luxuriously alarm-free lie-in spent dreaming of perfect scrambled eggs and how best to ‘Benedict’ everything in the fridge.

Weekdays usually involve trying to eat a yoghurt and banana at my desk while answering phone-calls, checking emails and, inevitably, cleaning yogurt and banana off of my desk. But weekends (the rare few this year where we aren’t running up and down the country for weddings) are for taking time over things. Weekends are for slowing down. Weekends are for eggs.

One of my long-time-love food blogs posted this amazing-looking Mediterranean scrambled eggs recipe years ago and it has stuck in my mind ever since. Because I have a really visual memory and a hearty appetite. Learning that patience, time, and very low, gentle heat is the magic key to creamy, runny scrambled eggs was LIFE CHANGING for me. If you like your scrambled eggs bright, sloppy and almost curdled, these simple steps will revolutionise your breakfasting:

1: YOU ONLY NEED EGGS. Don’t mix your eggs with milk. This isn’t the war. You don’t need to “make your eggs to further”. You could add a dollop of cream if feeling indulgent but when making scrambled eggs, the trick is to, well, scramble some eggs.

2: BUTTER IS BEST. Butter is glorious. I couldn’t be happier at the recent ‘revelations‘ that Real Butter has been a good guy all along. Melt a knob of butter in a heavy frying pan on the lowest heat possible whilst you crack your eggs in to a bowl and mix them up. You don’t need to whip them loads but break the yolks enough to make the mixture all yellow.

3: STAY DOWN. Keep the heat really low. Keep the eggs moving – scrambling happens in the pan. Let the melted butter swirl in to the egg mixture. The runniest yummiest eggs take me a good 10-15mins if I’m calm and patient. They hit a turning point when they catch on the pan and fluff up. At this point I usually kill the heat and mix up any remaining uncooked mixture from the sides of the pan. The residual heat from the cooked eggs will make sure nothing is left raw.

Back to that ‘Cook Almost Anything’ inspiration. I had some leftovers to use up, and wanting to ease in to what is actually quite a busy weekend full of family events, I wanted us to be able to tackle it with full bellies and empty fridge shelves. There are a few things in that original recipe which aren’t quite right for us, so…

Slowly scrambled “Mediterranean” brunch

perfect scrambled eggs(The quotation marks are because it’s only really the flavours and additions that are sort of Italianate and I don’t really know if any Med-dwellers eat this exact dish. This is strictly the local cuisine of the Muswell Hill branch of Club Med.)

Ingredients (serves 2)
5-6 sundried tomatoes, chopped
6 balls of mini mozzarella, quartered
4 slices of some sort of toast*
5 eggs
A few large spinach leaves, roughly chopped
Knob of butter
Salt & pepper

1: Crack the eggs and mix together as described above. Add some salt and pepper to the mixture.

2: On a very low heat, slowly melt the butter in a large, thick-bottomed frying pan.

3: As the butter melts, add the tomatoes, cheese and most of the spinach to the bowl of egg and stir it through the mixture.

4: Once the butter is mostly melted, pour in the egg mixture and stir. Nothing should be sticking to the pan at this stage.

5: Prepare your toast. *I actually had some of that weird pre-sliced cheesy garlic French bread to use up, which was PERFECT. I’d bought it on special offer and I always forget there are two layers in the packet. As it was way past midday I decided it was absolutely perfect for this and how can it ever be a bad time for garlic bread, really?

6: Once the eggs are cooked as per my earlier instructions, serve a dollop on to each slice of toast. Sprinkle some of the extra spinach saved from step 3 and crack some fresh black pepper on the top too.

Perfect scrambled eggs lauren geisler

scrambled to perfection

In my effort to empty the fridge, I also sprinkled some little crispy bits of bacon on top, which were left over from lunchtime salads during the week. YUM.

Enjoy! I’d love to know if anyone makes this. I make no apologies for subjecting you to a photo of my (ok, out of focus) boyfriend in a vest but will apologise for the fact that his vest is actually inside out. We usually always dress in out best to eat at the table, you see.