I thought it might be time to show you around my kitchen. Although there is still one major thing missing. I still don’t have a set of scales. It is, however, full of charity shop treasure, beloved hand-me-downs and second-hand nick-knacks, which you may enjoy snooping at.

Kitchen tour Pyrex Kitchen tour vintage egg cups kitchenalia lauren geisler Darren Hayman print

Vintage Pyrex and a print by Darren Hayman

You’ll also be delighted to know that I actually took all of these whilst the kitchen was in a total state and the sink was full of dishes. This is the beauty of focusing on the details and little vignettes. You’d never know…


kitchen tour lauren geisler tintin

However. There really is something important missing here.

Kitchen tour lauren geisler vintage egg cups kitchenalia scales cooking blog

Funny little built-in corner shelves

Kitchen tour vintage egg cups kitchenalia lauren geisler egg cups

The old Denmark Legoland milk bottle is one of our all-time favourite things

I do desperately want/need some mechanical scales. I hate the small displays on digital scales and the constant threat of batteries running out at a crucial moment, or the likelihood of pushing the wrong button when trying to operate anything with a finger covered in sesame oil, so mechanical is definitely the way forward. In fact, just yesterday a lovely reader sent me a message on twitter which was mainly full of kind praise (and an amazing-sounding cheesecake recipe) but essentially indicating that writing any more non-factual non-measured recipes would pretty much be unethical.

Kitchen tour teapot thrifting vintage kitchenalia Lauren Geisler food blog vignette

I got these little soup bowls from a charity shop this week for £1 each. For complicated maths reasons we have 5

I bought a big Salter bowl scale for my mum as a gift last year, when the wall-mounted flip-down one she’d had since about 1979 finally gave in. Fun fact: As a kid, I thought it was called Salter because she measured salt in it.

Lauren Geisler kitchen baking baby photo

Baking at home with my mum…

Turns out she measures all kinds of things in it, but her kitchen is a little bigger than mine. I need something unobtrusive, that doesn’t take up too much counter-top space or can just be put away in a cupboard.

Although I quite like how big mechanical bowl scales can (will) end up being re-purposed as a fruit bowl when not in use.

As our kitchen is quite white and bland, I rely on our ‘stuff’ to brighten the place up. I’ve got a few red bits and pieces around am really digging this minty fresh blue at the moment.

Typhoon blue scales, Lakeland

Typhoon blue scales, Lakeland, £40

£40 is pretty high in my budget (for anything, really), but not bad for a piece of mechanical equipment which shouldn’t ever really stop working unless I drop it or do something ridiculous yet not uncharacteristically clumsy to it.

My main man William Morris said “have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”. With that in mind, I remembered the big John Lewis anniversary hubbub. A whole bunch of awesome brands and designers have recreated classic designs (or come up with new heritage-focused special editions).

John Lewis Wesco retro scales

John Lewis Wesco retro scales

Yum. There’s a slight variation in design (and price) with this clean, stainless steel M&S number.

M&S mechanical scales

M&S mechanical scales

It looks pretty inoffensive and sturdy. The lack of colour is pretty appealing as it’s likely to look fine whatever my kitchen looks like, wherever I go.

Actually committing to choosing one has somehow gone beyond a joke and become some sort of challenge now. The last recipe I posted, my chickpea fritters, managed to rely on spoon-based measurements. I wonder how long I can keep it up? I’ve checked out my local kitchenware shop too. The service was rude and the products aren’t that great. I’ve since found out that it is run by the same family who own loads of (quite similar, not fabulous) shops in the area, so I feel less precious about saving my big corporate online shopping bucks for “the little guy”.

We’re away visiting my brilliant little godsons this weekend, but not before cooking a lovely big Friday Night Dinner for friends tonight. Recipes to follow next week…