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Apparently frozen yoghurt (yogurt? Froyo? gah) is outselling ice cream in London at the moment. I don’t know if you guys noticed, but it is really really hot here this week. 27 degrees may not seem sweltering if you’re from a city with ample provision of air conditioning or a public transport system which is actually able to cope with the number of passengers cramming themselves in to every available air pocket, but our heat is different. London summer always feels more intense, somehow. The thick bubble of pollution keeping the sun trapped in, the slow walkers, Other People in general, signal failures – they all make every one of those 27 degrees count at least double.

I had the great idea last week to send the student currently summering in our office out to fetch rocket ice lollies for everybody, but there are only so many e-numbers and delicious yet overpriced gelatos a girl can handle.

froyo frozen yoghurt yogurt recipe steps no ice cream maker

Let me get down to business. Nobody has time to hang around in this heat. You want to cool down. You want a delicious treat. You don’t have an ice-cream making machine. You cock your ear to the crack in the window but can’t hear an ice-cream van anywhere nearby. What do you do?

You make your own frozen yoghurt.

frozen yoghurt yogurt at home freezer blueberry ice cream

Guess what you need?

Yoghurt. Yes it has an ‘H’ in it.

A freezer.

And any toppings your sweaty self desires.

Instructions for making frozen yoghurt at home:

Some recipes suggest straining the yoghurt to remove any liquid to stop it getting too icy. I didn’t and it turned out fine. So…

1 – Pour yoghurt in to a freezable container. Metal works best, but I used some lidless Tupperware (let’s be honest, here – who has Tupperware with matching lids? I don’t know where they go. Nobody does. You don’t need the lid though so yay). I used Yeo Valley Blueberry with a hint of lime because it sounded fruity and refreshing (it was).

2 – Cover the container tightly with foil, and freeze for about an hour.

3 – After an hour, give the yoghurt a stir. It should be partially frozen – mainly around the edges and in the corners – scrape that all in to the mixture and stir it all together, re-cover in foil, and get it back in the freezer.

4 – Repeat this a couple more times. It’s up to you how many. Decide how hungry/patient you are feeling, and line that up with how solid or runny the yoghurt is.

frozen yohurt yoghurt at home easy freezer instructions blueberry ice creamRemember – this isn’t ice cream. It isn’t going to freeze in to a firm, pretty ball-scoop creamy consistency. It should be soft and light, but able to hold some shape.

I drizzled some melted chocolate over mine – which solidified on hitting the cold bowl and made that advert-perfect cracking sound when tapped with a spoon. Yum.

froyo chocolate almond topping blueberry ice cream recipe frozen yoghurt yogurt

A drizzle of honey would be great – some crumbly flaked almonds were pretty nice too. As was a ginger snap biscuit base.

make your own frozen yogurt frozen yoghurt froyo

So there you go. A dessert recipe requiring 1 single ingredient. And a freezer. Consider this an idiot’s guide. (for idiots or by an idiot?)