Some Friday fun! I’m cooking for my brother and his fiance tonight, at the end of a long, busy work week. We’ve somehow ended up with a free weekend, which brilliantly means time to cook and take half-decent photos in actual daylight without rushing. Hooray! So to ease in to the weekend, in place of a recipe, here is some awesome feedback from people who have tried things they’ve found on here!

I might make this a regular feature… or a static new page if I reshuffle the site a bit. It depends how many more of you send me your tasty tasty evidence.

First up (and the first I ever recieved) is my old Dailybooth chum, Dave, who tried my tofu recipe

This almost made me cry – an old school friend who I’ve not spoken to in probably 15 years sent me this great photo of her daughter also trying out the crunchy tofu dippers recipe.

Lauren Geisler wall of fame recipe testing Emma

They live in Canada now and it turns out Emma has also tried her hand at food blogging. Hopefully publicly announcing the link will give her the encouragement to get back into it. We had a brief but excellent chat about the idea of eating ‘real’ food  – I’ll come back to that shortly.

Paul, another Dailybooth alumnus and former temporary colleague, tried my beer bread recipe out and massively improved on it, too (check the comments on that post for his tips).

A lovely new instagram chum who I connected with via the Foodies100 recipe wall adapted my blueberry jam recipe and used it on these scrummy-looking scones…

And last but by absolutely no means least (I may be saving the best for last…) – my gorgeous godsons Noah (6) and Parker (3) starring in The Clean Plate Club after devouring entire plates of curry and cauliflower rice!

Lauren Geisler recipe wall of fame cauliflower rice godsons

Look at them! My word. I also have it on good authority that their dad had no idea that plate of ‘rice’ was made of cauli. Champions!

If you want to be featured, let me know which recipe you’ve tried and send me a photo! There are a bunch of ways to reach me via those nifty yellow buttons up top on the right.

One thing which keeps consistently cropping up in comments and feedback from readers is the notion of ‘healthy eating’. I find so many of the buzz-words, fads and phrases involved with the idea of eating ‘healthily’ to be generally quite triggering, misleading, emotive and irritating. For a while I’d been wondering if my food writing needed a gimmick or an angle, but I’m quickly realising that not having an angle is my angle. No gimmicks, no health claims, just real, good food, the way I like to prepare and eat it. I’m really enjoying the acronym JERF this week and think it nicely sums up my style of cooking, shopping and eating on the most part. Just. Eat. Real. Food.