two ingredient pancake recipe

Here’s my vague attempt at third in the series I’m calling Stick It To The Man – one woman’s approach to use up a ridiculous stock of wooden skewers.

I’ve been whipping up these two-ingredient banana pancakes since my old flatmate decided to go ‘Paleo crazy’ a couple of years ago. Cutting out flour, grains and added fat and the milky buttery batter you’d use for normal pancakes or crepes makes these a Pinterest-friendly favourite if you’re after an easy wheat-free brunch.

banana pancakes

Pancakes? With only two ingredients? That’s right, chum. All you need is some over-ripe bananas and eggs. A little ground cinnamon is nice if you’re that way inclined, but this is just eggs and bananas. So you can have your (pan)cake and eat it.

banana egg pancake recipe

Despite having made these for ages, they tend to be a bit hit or miss depending on a few factors – the heat of the pan, the cooking agent (butter works better than coconut oil), how mashed your bananas are and the thickness of the pancakes themselves. My biggest problem has always been the flip. The lack of flour means these don’t hold together in the way you’d expect ‘regular’ pancakes to. Then, one rainy, thundery dark Saturday morning I suddenly realised that they don’t have to be too big for my spatula. They can be cute and diddy! And fit on skewers!

banana pancake stack

Two-ingredient wheat-free banana pancakes


3 bananas (plus extra for serving if desired)

4 eggs

That’s it! This is the ratio which works best for me – I’ve experimented with it a lot. This made 15 diddy pancakes. Perfect for sharing and best served with some other fresh fruit and a dollop of plain yoghurt. And maybe a drizzle of honey if you’re feeling righteous having already shaved a bunch of wheaty calories off…

1 – Mash the bananas really well. The best fruit are the ones turning quite black – the ones making you think you need to either quickly make banana bread or throw them out.

banana pancake batter ingredients

2 – When all lumps are mashed out, whisk in the eggs one at a time and combine well. Don’t beat them too much – this isn’t scrambled eggs with a bit of banana in (although it sort of is, technically). The mixture will have the texture and colour of pancake batter.

banana pancake instructions

3 – Heat a small knob of butter in a hot frying pan. Once the butter has melted, add a dollop of pancake mixture in. They can be as big as you like but I really do recommend making small baby pancakes as the mixture cooks nice and evenly and they are easy to flip without breaking or catching. Cook 4 or 5 at a time, depending on the size of your pan. The best time to flip is when you can see the wet uncooked side starting to cook around the edges.

4 – When golden brown, remove and blot on paper towel to remove any excess butter.

no carb paleo two ingredient pancakes

When you’re done cooking them all, arrange in stacks and serve with some chopped banana over the top.

Enjoy! I’m loving how many people are sending me photos of their versions of recipes from here. Keep it up! I’ll do another Wall of Fame soon to show them all off. And I’ve just heard that our replacement oven has been delivered which means I can make all of the things I’ve planned to this week. Hooray!