Hi gang. Apologies for the lack of recipes recently. I’m struggling to get any cooking completed to a Taking Lovely Photos stage before the light fades at the moment and there just isn’t anything I’m happier shooting food in than natural daylight. Any tips from other foodie photo fans and recipe writers greatly appreciated. In the meantime, follow me on Instagram for over-processed low light mealtime fun and fancy footwear.

I’ve also been terribly busy having a birthday, celebrating my brother’s engagement and prepping to start my new job. All exciting things.

Now the REALLY exciting bit. A while ago I posted a recipe for crispy baked tofu dippers. I was over the moon when people started sending me photos of them trying it out. Friends all over the country and even an old school friend who now lives in Canada gave it a bash (check out the Wall of Fame I made in their honour). The best result, though, is that my recipe was chosen for the Cauldron Street Food Recipe Book.

Lauren Geisler street food recipe bookCreated in celebration of their sponsorship of the snack category in this year’s British Street Food Awards, the books is full of awesome recipes by food bloggers around the UK and street food vendors. But best of all… it’s totally free!

You can download the entire book as a PDF by clicking here – you just need to fill in your email address.

Then quickly whizz to pages 36-37. And look at the rest of it I suppose.

Lauren Geisler recipe book

Eep! Thanks to Gareth for taking my photo, which was ridiculously difficult. I made a quite expensive professional choice about 13 years ago about which side of the camera I wanted to be on, y’see…

Writing some sort of recipe book has been a goal of mine for about 6 or 7 years now. Feels pretty great to be one little step closer, just as I’m about to start working on foodier things full time.