H: London
E: laurengeisler (at) gmail (dot) com

About me

Cosmopolitan Award-winning blogger. Published photographer and feature writer. Radio writer, producer and presenter. Very occasional stander-upper.

Creative, motivated, hard-working,  and enjoy new challenges.

What I Can Do

Appear fearless and unflustered when faced with public speaking, presenting and teaching.

Wrangle Photoshop, InDesign and HTML and give CMS and SEO a fair bash.

Take awesome, creative and well-composed photographs.

Write honest and engaging arts reviews and features.

Produce easy-to-follow recipes for delicious dishes.

Design, write, manage & analyse email campaigns.

Create and edit engaging copy for web and print.

Learn computery things impressively quickly.


Want to know more about what I currently do, have ever done, am qualified in or what I could do for you? Email me at laurengeisler [at] gmail [dot] com or have a quick spy on my LinkedIn profile.